Cordovas (L to R) Joe Firstman, Jon Loyd, Graham Spillman and Lucca Soria.

Cordovas (L to R) Joe Firstman, Jon Loyd, Graham Spillman and Lucca Soria.

cordovas americana


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Cordovas på Akkurat, Stockholm

Joe Firstman, Jon Loyd , Graham Spillman and Lucca Soria (L to R)

Joe Firstman, Jon Loyd , Graham Spillman and Lucca Soria (L to R)


There is not the smallest drum kit I have seen, although most running so teeny usually make a deal out of it. But Graham Spillman play like bass drum, snare, cymbal and hihat simply is what is needed; He even finish the first set with a small drum solo.

Similarly, the entire Cordova's a band that sounds better than it is. Four men, including three prestigious lead singer and all the singing voices. Lucca Soria plays nifty 70s guitar as well as carrying with it the sound of the double guitar loops, Jon Lloyd is both sparkling piano and drab organ in its simple keyboard and Joe Firstman working so diligently on the basis that he sometimes becomes like a rhythm guitar too.

And yes, obviously harbors several songs in improvisational jampartier - but never for long.

The band is from Nashville, and in 2012 gave out an album on their own label, which have had time to notice. Now it is published in Swedish rootsy and Cordova thank with just over a month's tour of the Nordic region, with completion in Stockholm.

And they have a way to start abruptly, without any intro or takeoff, I almost only heard of African bands. With a turn so big and multilayered that it would take time to build, but everything is there from the first second, as if someone pressed the play in the middle of a song.

Not that it sounds complicated, this is a band that alludes to the time that sounded lojsvängigt and harmony singing sweetly in the 70s, from The Band Crosby, Stills & Nash via the Grateful Dead and Little Feat. Like all of them mastered the an appalling amount of music, which they gladly joins together a little about each other, so that the songs sway hither and thither. Although each phrase allows prototypical - of folk-rock, New Orleans swing, country, funk, gospel, hillbilly, blues rock riffs happy ...

Typically, they play two rather short sets to then draw countless cover songs as encores. Yet it is something that is lost, then, the original songs hold similar height but packs more dimensions. A new album is in progress, produced by Kenneth Pattengale from folk duo The Milk Carton Kids, it can probably only be a delight.


March 16, 2017

March 16, 2017

translated from Swedish-

...They begin instrumental and there is no doubt that this band knows what they are doing. After a while, they fall in with vocal harmonies and it is already so good that I can pinch my skin, that I really get to experience this.

It's like being at a gig with the band before they became famous. It really is just fine. I start bothered by how I can write anything that is even close to what we experience tonight.



by Cordovas

This is a collection of songs from the Cordovas self-titled debut album and a few songs from a recent live show from Dec. 2016